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10 May
I'm a Damn Yankee transplant from Detroit that came down for a summer job and never left. I love my crazy redhead, my family and my cats and would move the world for them. I try to live my life the best I can, the way I see fit. Those who don't approve can go fuck themselves.
adobe, adult swim, animation, anime, art, aurora coffee, body art, cartoons, cats, classic film, classic tv, coffee, comic books, comics, computers, courtney crumrin, crab scrambly, criminal records, crystal blue, dark pin up girls, delerium, design, digital photography, diy, dragon con, dragon*con, drawing, ebay, erotica, fantasy art, farscape, flea markets, foamy the squirrel, freaks, freelance design, garage sales, geeks, geeks on caffiene, gloomcookie, goth, gothic, graphic artists, graphic arts, graphic design, graphics, halloween, homestarrunner, horror films, horror movies, how loathsome, html, invader zim, jack davis, johnny cash, junkman's daughter, kevin & kell, l5p, libertarian, little 5 points, little five points, lord of the rings, mac, macintosh, macosx, macromedia, macs, manga, misangela, museums, music, my home, neil gaiman, nightmares & fairy tales, old books, old movies, orgasms, outdoors, paganism, photography, photoshop, php, quentin tarantino, reading, red-heads, redheads, retro, rob zombie, rock & roll, rockabilly, savage pizza, sci-fi, sci-fi/fantasy, science, science fiction, serenity rose, sex, sex and more sex, sin city, south park, spirituality, star trek, strangers in paradise, strongbad, suicide girls, tattoos, thank you masked man, the devil's panties, the junkmans daughter, the vortex, thrift stores, tim burton, tommy kovac, urban dead, used book stores, vertigo, vintage, vinyl records, web design, web standards, webcomics, wine, women, www.memoreumgroup.org, zombies